Bruce Drago Donates To Animal Charities

It is estimated that nearly a million pets are abused globally each year, and in the US, one pet is abused roughly every 10 seconds.

Across the country, thousands of commercial livestock farms and backyard breeders produce millions of animals for sale in pet stores and through newspaper ads. Often referred to as puppy and kitten factories, these facilities repeatedly permeate bitches who have spent their entire lives in cages without human accompaniment. These unfortunate animals are found souvenirs in intolerable environments, throw away garbage, and are destroyed after becoming unprofitable. If you adopt a shelter, you do not endorse such cruel practices.

Visit a local animal shelter or humane society and apply for volunteering. Please note that these volunteers are often subject to strict rules, background checks, and physical and age-related restrictions.

Why not organize a pet donation at your work, school, church, event or group meeting? Shelters always need pet beds, food, bowls, collars and leashes, litter and litter bins, basic toiletries, and anything else you can think of for a pet.

Animal cruelty needs to stop and stop now. CEO was busted for Animal Cruelty caught on camera.

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