Full body conditioning workout by the Top MMA Fitness Instructor

High kicks: great for toning the glutes but a torch-wrenching workout for the abs.  It may not look it, but this martial arts move is one serious ab toner- your obliques and abdominal wall muscles have to work during the entire exercise to balance your body while you lift and extend your leg.  While shaping and toning the glutes, you will set your abs on fire and create a shredded outer oblique look. 
Always start by lifting your knee then extending your foot out while contracting your abs the entire time. 

Squat jump knees are a great lower body workout but mostly they have a ripping effect on your abs, working the outer obliques.  Not only are these great to shape and tone your glutes, quads, and hamstrings but you will quickly enhance your abs while gaining cardio endurance at the same time. 

Sledgehammer: one of the toughest, raw, hardcore upper body workouts you can do.  Building strength, gaining muscle, building endurance, and toning abs all at once.  An all-in-one upper body, core strengthening workout.  Besides chiseled abs and an amazing upper body, you’ll also gain improved conditioning, increased strength, improved awareness, improved athleticism, improved hand/eye coordination. 

Another intense cardio and ab killer are alternating roundhouse kicks.  The roundhouse kick is one of the most powerful strikes a person can deliver.  This kick utilizes the entire body in the movement.  The kick derives its power from the rotational movement of the body, mainly the hips and trunk muscles which is what shreds your core up and gives you a stellar six-pack!  Not only will you gain killer cardio from alternating roundhouse kicks but you will walk around with abs like a fighter!


High Kicks – 5 Sets with 20 sec hold

High Knee Runners 5 Sets – 1 Min

Push Ups 5 Sets – 25 Reps

Mountain Climbers 5 Sets – 50 Reps

Sledge Hammer 5 Sets 20 Per Side

Squat Side Kicks 5 Sets 10 Per Side

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