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Are you ready to get in the best shape of your life? If you are serious about getting results and changing your lifestyle for the better then you should train with Bruce.

Bruce is a seasoned fitness professional and founder of MMA Fitness. He is nationally known as an elite fitness professional, trainer, and mixed martial artist. Over the past 30 years, he has perfected and shared his fitness expertise with countless clients across the country. From the elite athlete and fitness professional to the beginner, Bruce provides each client with a personalized program to achieve their fitness goals. With his skills, knowledge, and experience success is guaranteed.

Bruce Boss is now excepting a limited number of new clients to train in the tri-state area. Personal and small group training available. Personal sessions will allow more attention to form and technique resulting in the quickest results. Small group provides guidance and instruction in the camaraderie of a small group while making progress toward achieving your individual goals.

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I entered a local competition while training with Bruce. The workouts he put me through were like nothing I had experienced before. I never got bored which held me back from the gym in years past. I won the competition and secondly, the photographers kept mentioning how tone my body looked. Thanks for kicking my butt!”

I was at a Christmas party over the weekend and everyone complimented me on how tone and great I look. My friends will be contacting you this week. Thanks, Bruce.

Bruce, I really want to thank you for all the things you have done to motivate me to reach my goals. Even at 5:30am when I really would like to sleep for another hour. I have done exercises I never thought possible. With your help, I feel I can accomplish anything!

I have been training with Bruce for 6 months. The results I have achieved to date are largely due to Bruce’s perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs, and challenging yet achievable goal setting. His professionalism,

extensive knowledge, and enthusiastic commitment to his work and ultimately his clients, provide the perfect scenario for success. I am stronger and more flexible, and most importantly, working out has become fun. I recommend him without reservation.

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I hired Bruce as a personal trainer in July of 2013 and have been training with him ever since. He is an expert in the field of fitness and personal training. His programs and techniques beat all others hands down. He is dedicated to making you achieve and exceed all your fitness goals. I have used other personal trainers in the past and no one’s techniques come even close to his. While training with Bruce I was able to achieve my personal goals within the first two months and have since moved on to achieve goals I never thought were possible. I would highly recommend Bruce as a personal trainer to anyone

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South Eastern PA 484 998 8144

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A Beginners Kettlebell Workout To Build Strength and Balance

Are you looking to build more athletic muscle and powerful strength while shredding off body fat?  Discover how incorporating the unique blend of bodyweight training, kettlebell training, sledgehammer training and much more will rapidly change your physique, mentality, and fitness stature.

Revolutionize yourself into a fierce machine with this hardcore and highly effective training program that will produce shocking training results fast!

If you are wanting to be SHREDDED, STRONG & ATHLETIC rather than just the typical ‘big & bulky’, or somewhat strong, then you have come to the right place.  Below, I am going to reveal how incorporating a unique blend of contrasting unconventional strength tools will help you alter your physique and fitness results permanently.

Always consult a doctor before any type of workout exercise.

MMA Fitness Is The Fastest Way To Get In Shape

Fitness conditioning for people is more than just a popular activity for kids and adults, it’s beneficial. Whether it is wrestling, football, volleyball, lacrosse, or any other well-known sport, most athletes are to flocking to Drago MMA Fitness locations for enhanced overall body conditioning to be in top shape for their upcoming sport season.

This isn’t just another form of training in the fitness world. Mixed Martial Arts conditioning and classes offer diversity, simplicity, adaptability, and most importantly and undeniably, results. The regular use of Drago MMA as a fitness regimen combines the worlds of strength conditioning and cardiovascular work in a way that no other fitness program does. For example, other fitness routines tend to focus mainly in one direction, leaving the workout incomplete. The key to a successful program, to improve an athlete’s ability is a stronger, more comprehensive program, which is what Drago MMA has to offer. We have gained knowledge from other programs, and our advantage is our completely versatile cross-training workout. Drago MMA has a distinct advantage over other programs – it is TRULY versatile. No other program improves strength, flexibility, coordination, and reflexes the way Drago MMA Fitness does.

Fitness programs see failure when boredom and plateaus strike. So what keeps Drago MMA from crumbling like most other fitness centers?  Drago MMA Fitness classes have a broad array of exercises and a wide variety of approaches to obtain this ultimate goal for you to reach your fitness goals.  We keep our members/students/athletes engaged and active throughout the entire workout with high intensity, continuous movement.

Running one of these programs is more than simple & beneficial!  What does it take? A motivated, qualified instructor and stimulated members in the class. The Drago MMA Fitness program is enhanced with a myriad of plyometric exercises. The necessity for equipment simply does not exist, which makes the program operable at any location! Not necessary, but if possible, the incorporation of kettlebells, medicine balls, plyo boxes, body bags, and other equipment may enhance the workout, promoting increased muscle confusion throughout the class, creating a magnitude of exercises to maintain excitement.

MMA Fitness extends an environment where members of any fitness level are able to train together incorporating plyometric movements. Alternative movements are always offered in order to increase the members’ capability of competing in the workout.  We believe in modifications. Safety first. For example, the standard pushup position can be altered to the knees, box jumps can become step-ups, and pull-ups can become downgraded to a hanging movement while gaining the same benefit.  Offering alternatives and modifications to the advanced exercise keep students involved and working for the same muscle groups as everyone else.  As long as they are doing this, they are gradually working themselves up to eventually teaching themselves to complete the advanced movement of that exercise. 

Drago MMA Fitness has not only taken the concept of MMA and developed it into an incredible program for health but also for community and achievement. A Drago MMA Fitness class provides every member with an assortment of exercises that are grouped into different daily/weekly workouts. This circulating rotation of the general focus of the class, coupled with the various exercises that MMA provides, makes for classes that are never duplicated. This is where the theory of muscle confusion comes in. Your body won’t plateau as long as it’s constantly guessing what you working on, which is what makes the MMA fitness program so successful. 

Are you ready? Bruce holds seminars worldwide. MMA Fitness, Weapons Defense, Family Protection, Home Safety, Personal Training, and Instructor Certification. Having taught over 500,000 plus clients worldwide it’s no wonder why he has been one of the most talented trainers for over 35 years. See Us Here At

Full body conditioning workout by the Top MMA Fitness Instructor

High kicks: great for toning the glutes but a torch-wrenching workout for the abs.  It may not look it, but this martial arts move is one serious ab toner- your obliques and abdominal wall muscles have to work during the entire exercise to balance your body while you lift and extend your leg.  While shaping and toning the glutes, you will set your abs on fire and create a shredded outer oblique look. 
Always start by lifting your knee then extending your foot out while contracting your abs the entire time. 

Squat jump knees are a great lower body workout but mostly they have a ripping effect on your abs, working the outer obliques.  Not only are these great to shape and tone your glutes, quads, and hamstrings but you will quickly enhance your abs while gaining cardio endurance at the same time. 

Sledgehammer: one of the toughest, raw, hardcore upper body workouts you can do.  Building strength, gaining muscle, building endurance, and toning abs all at once.  An all-in-one upper body, core strengthening workout.  Besides chiseled abs and an amazing upper body, you’ll also gain improved conditioning, increased strength, improved awareness, improved athleticism, improved hand/eye coordination. 

Another intense cardio and ab killer are alternating roundhouse kicks.  The roundhouse kick is one of the most powerful strikes a person can deliver.  This kick utilizes the entire body in the movement.  The kick derives its power from the rotational movement of the body, mainly the hips and trunk muscles which is what shreds your core up and gives you a stellar six-pack!  Not only will you gain killer cardio from alternating roundhouse kicks but you will walk around with abs like a fighter!


High Kicks – 5 Sets with 20 sec hold

High Knee Runners 5 Sets – 1 Min

Push Ups 5 Sets – 25 Reps

Mountain Climbers 5 Sets – 50 Reps

Sledge Hammer 5 Sets 20 Per Side

Squat Side Kicks 5 Sets 10 Per Side

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