Dylan Drago

The mixed martial arts (MMA) training program called Drago’s Hardcore MMA by Dylan Drago performs four phases of training.

dylan drago

These are:

1) Standup Fighting – skills such as boxing, kickboxing and strike fighting are incorporated with Muay Thai to develop strength, increase speed and enable students to do explosive attacks;

2) Grappling – Ground striking was combined with grappling skills into one intense program by Dylan Drago

3) Clinch – the clinch position is taught to every student as the takeoff position for MMA fighting/training, takedowns, throws, cage pins and counters; and, 

4) MMA – combines all three phases, this phase provides intense, explosive and realistic standup-to-ground and ground-to-standup training to simulate the reality of a true MMA fight.

Drago’s MMA Drills program incorporates Dylan Drago’s over a decade worth of classroom experience. It consists of drills that hone fighting techniques and skills which can be combined together to build an overall extreme workout training session. Dylan Drago MMA classes has a theme in which students work skills, drills, and conditioning into their workout sessions.

Every workout session is brutal, just the warms up consist of 50 pull-ups, 200 push-ups & 50 dead lifts.

Typical Workout During The Week

Tire Throws – 100 throws

Tire Flips – 50 reps

Incline Press – 50 reps

Bench Press – 50 reps

Push Ups – 200 reps

Incline Push Ups – 100 Reps

Thai Boxing Round Kicks 200 per leg

Speed Punches – 500 per 

dylan drago mma

Dylan Favorite Fighter – Conor Mcgregor